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What is "True Aromatherapy"?

Real aromatherapy, a.k.a. "True Aromatherapy" is not simply the use of products containing fragrance.  Pure essential oils from plants, which have not been adulterated with synthetic substances or additives, must ideally be of the finest quality and appear in the product in quantities considered to be therapeutic. 

Over the past decade, many commercial companies have capitalized on aromatherapy's popularity and introduced products into the marketplace that do not contain plant-derived essential oils, but petrochemical-derived synthetic fragrances instead.  Currently, no regulations prevent scented products from being labeled "Aromatherapy."  Consumers can educate themselves by researching label ingredients:  products containing the word "fragrance" typically contain synthetic scents and not essential oils.  Within the coming years, expect to see True Aromatherapy Products identified with the designation "TAP." 

(Source:  National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy website)

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